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Tools For Architects

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I'm not architect or designer, so my widget had a little bad at design :). If you don't like it just change image for it, or design it what ever you want. Just don't mess them up :P (Or just contact me, give me the design widget and I will fix it).


Tutorial 1 (ChangeMaterial/Mesh,Package,Spawning Object

Tutorial 2 (CameraViewer)

Tutorial 3 (Spawning Editor/Link Mesh/Pack Mesh)

Technical Details

* Features:

  •  Interactive for Single House
  •  Interactive for Apartment
  •  Main Menu

* Interactive :

Change Material (Object Still Static Mesh)

Change Static Mesh

Change Colour Material (*Note : Material must have "Color" Parameter (0,0,0)

Movement Object (Simulated Pivot Like Editor)

Overlap Event (Use for On/Off Light, Control Other Interactive,...)

Package Material (Use for Change Multi-StaticMesh)

Main Menu (Option, Info,...)

Camera View (Auto Capture Scene At Location For Icon Or Override Image)

Search Location (Use for Apartment Project)

Spawning Object (Runtime, Editor)

Measure (Hold Left Shift for Snap 45 Degrees)

* Update :

Change PackageMesh (Use for change full set like kitchen, livingroom, ....)

Link StaticMesh (When your design had too many static mesh, but value edit is the same)

Auto Detected Pivot (All StaticMesh you import had wrong pivot, my blueprint can be detected it for interactive)

Fix Some Bug

+Support Mesh wrong pivot

* Note :

When you already add to project, In setting project, make sure you already had Input (Name Input in CH_Architect). And in Maps & Modes, setting default gamemode to Architect GameMode.

All static mesh you'll interactive need have collision, and doesn't block by anything.

Camera Viewer doesn't show up when it not have any child, or you can check on box "Overide Appear", it'll always show up when you press "Tab"

Measure will be weirdo if there had Collision block them.

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC



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