Archinteriors Vol 3 Scene 3

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Hi-poly archviz scene of Scandinavian home interiors.

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Scandinavian home interiors scene made exclusively for Unreal Engine.

Evermotion collections for Unreal Engine give another dimension for architectural visualizations. You can not only present still images or pre-rendered animations, but also you can include interactivity in your scenes. Walk freely, look at your interiors and exteriors from every angle, change colors and lighting and still maintain photo-realistic quality.

Technical Details

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: No (Epic skeleton scaled to 175cm eye level)

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes

Texture Size:

- 48 Textures 1024x1024 

- 32 Textures 2048x2048 

- 26 Textures 512x512  

- 9 Textures 4096x4096  

- 2 Textures 1000x1000

- 1 Texture 1116x1024 

- 1 Texture 1374x1400  

- 3 Texture 1600x1600  

- 2 Textures 16x16

- 1 Texture 1920x1026  

- 1 Texture 2000x2000   

- 3 Textures 3072x3072 

- 1 Texture 3550x3550  

- 1 Texture 442x241  

- 1 Textures 958x724  

Collision: Yes - automatically generated

Vertex Count: Vertex Count: between 25000 - 150000

LODs: No

Number of Meshes: 267

Triangle count: 30k average count (most in range from 1000-10000)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 227

Number of Textures: 132

Intended Platform: PC, Windows 7

Platforms Tested: PC, Windows 7

Documentation Included: No



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