Arch Materials Volume 1

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A selection of 23 high quality floor & wall materials for architectural visualization.

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This material pack contains a wide selection of high quality floor & wall materials for interior architectural visualization. The variation between these materials make it useful for almost any style, may it be industrial, classic or contemporary.

Included in this product are 23 master materials each having an instanced material. All of the instanced materials have been used to render the images in the gallery, so they are ready for use.

Each instance also has some parameters, allowing you to easily customize the look of the materials:

Lightmass Color: This parameter replaces the Base Color texture for Lightmass calculations. The default value for all materials is an average color of the diffuse texture made slightly brighter.

Brightness: Controls the brightness of the material. I suggest to only use this for small tweaks. Boosting this value too high will wash out the color.

Normal Intensity: Controls the intensity of the normal map.

Roughness Adjustment: Use this slider to adjust the Roughness value, which can make the material look more matte or glossy. Default value is properly balanced for each material.

UV Rotate: Allows you to rotate the texture easily. Input value is in Degrees.

UV Scale: Allows you to scale the texture.

A few materials (like the brick materials) also include parameters to adjust the height offset of the POM. I would suggest to only adjust the 'Height' parameter (in very small increments) on these materials.

Technical Details


  •  Tileable textures
  •  PBR
  •  POM

Texture Resolutions:

  •  4096x4096

Number of Materials: 23

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes

Number of Textures: 70

Made in Substance Designer, referenced from photographs for a realistic yet unique look.



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