Anime Classroom Asset Pack

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A full featured AAA quality Anime style classroom with modular assets and custom Materials

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"Anime Classroom Asset Pack" is a fully modular AAA quality environment with optimized props and Materials to achieve the look and feelings of Visual Novel, JRPG, and anime movies.

Technical Details


  • Fully modular with walls, roofs, floor, etc.
  • PBR Rendering
  • A large selection of custom made Materials to achieve a stylized anime look
  • Optimized meshes from 80 to 4k tris that can run well on PC and consoles
  • A demo scene to recreate the exact mood and light of the rendering
  • Diffuse and normals textures only to achieve an anime look without any major performance hit
  • Proper elements scale, there is no need to scale the meshes because they were modeled with the right size and proportions
  • A custom Material to achieve a Toon Outline effect*

Texture Size: Up to 2048 px for every mesh

Collision: Yes, Automatically Generated

Vertex Count: From 80 to 4k tris

LODs: 0

Number of Meshes: 23

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 32 Materials+1 Material instance

Number of Textures: 71

Supported Development Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC. Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, VR

Documentation: (Tutorial on how to use the Material for the outline inside the content folder)

Important/Additional Notes:

*The custom Material use the Invert Mesh Outline technique that take a mesh, leaves only the outward borders visible and apply a black color (can be changed inside the Material as well as the size) to the mesh.

This method is not 100 % accurate because it will leave some gaps in the case of curved surfaces, if you want the maximum precision you should use a Blueprint script OR you should use a very low outline size to minimize the gaps.

But, if the assets will not be seen very close to the camera, the Material is more than enough.



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