Animated PP19 SMG Weapon Pack

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AAA quality PP-19 SMG! Features VFX, 4K textures, 3 LODs, & fully animated / rigged arms.

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Ready to fire at close range, the Ironbelly Animated PP-19 SMG is perfect for any FPS project. It’s a lightweight SMG with a straight blowback method of operation. The pack includes VFX muzzle flash, stunning 4K textures and stand alone meshes for each component. There are also 3 LODs optimized for any first or third person project.

Take your FPS to the next level with attachments such as an under-barrel laser from Ironbelly.

The FP arms included are 100% compatible with all Ironbelly weapons. For additional sleeve textures, skin tones and female arms, check out our FP Arms Pack.

Technical Details

28 Assets

(1) Ultra High AAA Quality PP-19 SMG ( 11,760 Tris / 10,547 Verts)

(3) PP-19 LODs (25%, 50%, 75%)

  • 25% ( 2,940 Tris / 3,949 Verts)
  • 50% ( 5,880 Tris / 6,327 Verts)
  • 75% ( 8,820 Tris / 8,548 Verts)

(1) PP-19 SMG Skeletal Rig (9 bones)

(10) Animations (Idle, Walk, Sprint, Fire, Reload, Aim, Aim Walk, Aim Fire, Raise, Lower)

(5) PBR Textures @ 4096x4096 (Base Color, Metalness, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion)

(1) Ultra High AAA Quality First Person Arms (12,120 Tris / 6,094 Verts)

(1) First Person Arms LOD (50% - 6,060 Tris / 3,063 Verts)

(1) First Person Arms Skeletal Rig (70 bones)

(5) First Person Arms PBR Textures @ 4096x4096 (Base Color, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion, Metalness)



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