Animated Medieval Starter Kit

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Animated Medieval Starter Pack including 11 weapons and 4 FP Arms with 4k textures and LODs.

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Medieval Starter Kit Video Demo


The Ironbelly Medieval Starter Kit features 11 medieval weapons, Medieval FP Arms and Medieval Weapon Accessories. It’s the perfect pack for getting your project off the ground. Whether you’re aiming for targets, deer or humans, the Bows, Crossbows and Bludgeoning Weapons are sure to hit the mark. The medieval accessories enhance the experience, offering a quiver, homemade arrows, standard arrows, and bolts. An incredible value for any project set in the days of lords and ladies!

Technical Details

Medieval Bows
(3) Ultra High AAA Quality Medieval Bows
• Homemade Bow (7,962 Tris / 5,009 Verts)
• Longbow (2,973 Tris / 1,990 Verts)
• Recurve Bow (7,962 Tris / 5,009 Verts)

(18) Bow Animations
• Idle, Shoot, Aim Idle, Aim Shoot, Holster, Unholster for all 3 bows

(4) Ultra High AAA Quality Medieval Crossbows
• Arbalest Crossbow (8,716 Tris / 6,260 Verts)
• Light European Crossbow (7,757 Tris / 5,551 Verts)
• Heavy European Crossbow (5,736 Tris / 4,390 Verts)
• Hand Crossbow (5,146 Tris / 3,870 Verts)

(40) Crossbow Animations
• Idle, Walk, Sprint, Fire, Reload, Aim, Aim Walk, Aim Fire, Raise, Lower for all 4 crossbows

Bludgeoning Weapons
(3) Ultra High AAA Quality Bludgeoning Weapons
• Flail (15,753 Tris / 9,991 Verts)
• Morning Star (952 Tris / 813 Verts)
• Warhammer (1,287 Tris / 950 Verts)

(22) Bludgeoning Weapon Animations
• Attack, Block, Block Hit, Walk, Sprint, Raise, Lower for all weapons, and Spin for the flail

4K PBR Textures for all Weapons
• Base Color, Metalness, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion



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