Animated .45 SAA Revolver

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High Quality .45 Caliber SAA Revolver with sounds, bullets, and ammunition box. The pack comes with animated FPS character and animated revolver. PBR textures up to 4K.

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Character animations (idle, walking, running, aiming, shooting, empty shooting, reloading, revolver spinning/tricks).

Textures from 128x128 to 4K and all meshes come with 3 levels of LODs (except the bullet, shell and core).

The revolver has a low poly and a high poly version, all the versions have 3 LODs and 5 different styles (factory base, engraved, gold, chrome, scratched). The weapon is placed in a Blueprint which is attached to the character through a socket.

Preview video:

3D model preview on Sketchfab:

Mainly designed for FPS character, but you can use it with 3rd person character as well, example video:

Technical Details


  • 2 levels of revolver (low poly, high poly)
  • Animated character (20 animations) and revolver (18 animations)
  • PBR textures up to 4K
  • Sound FX

Texture Sizes:

  • Low poly revolver: from 128x128 up to 4K
  • High poly AAA quality revolver: from 512x512 up to 4K
  • Bullet, empty shell, core: from 128x128 up to 4K

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, automatically generated

Vertex Count:

  • Low poly revolver: LOD0 (3046 tris/ 3032 verts), LOD1 (2086 tris/ 2278 verts), LOD2 (1496 tris/ 1735 verts)
  • High poly AAA quality revolver: LOD0 (10293 tris/ 8653 verts), LOD1 (7021 tris/ 6729 verts), LOD2 (5099 tris/ 5155 verts)
  • Bullet: 320 tris/ 326 verts
  • Shell: 260 tris/ 263 verts
  • Core: 320 tris/ 210 verts
  • Ammunition box: LOD0 (3468 tris/ 3626 verts), LOD1 (2640 tris/ 3571 verts), LOD2 (1052 tris/ 2284 verts)

LODs: 3 levels

Number of Meshes: 2 skeletal meshes and 5 static meshes

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 30 materials with instances

Number of Textures: 312 PBR textures, for 6 meshes up to 4K (base color, metal, ambient occlusion, normal, height, roughness, opacity , emissive packed in 4 textures with substance painter)

Number of Audio Waves: 7 (44100 kHz 16 bit stereo)

Number of Audio Cues: 7

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: Added comments in the Blueprints

Important/Additional Notes: Comes with built in mannequin arms. The background photo of the pictures is my own property and not included in the package.



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