Ancient Cavern Set II

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The extended set of weirdly shaped rocks with colorful vegetation. Best for creating fantasy caves, sci-fi locations and just beautiful environments.

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The Ancient Cavern Set II - is the second set of this collection. 46 manually created with care atrocious rocks, nicely baked and textured. The rocks available in 2 type of baked Textures (Stone and Silver). Also, for the sake of diversity and performance purposes, you get these rocks as a Tileable version, where were used separately tile textures that gives you possibility to scale them up and down (Object scale parameter in Master Material). As well as baked version they are in Silver and Stone versions.

One of the important element of this asset pack is a mushroom set - 8 fantasy looking mushrooms that are available in 3 type of Textures: Stone, Silver and native Green\Red condition. There is a vegetation set of plants in different colors that perfectly matches with the whole environment. In addition, 79 different Blueprints included: combined rocks in many variations, mushrooms mixed with plants and so on.

Technical Details

Pack features:

  • 466 AAA quality assets, Materials, Blueprints and Textures
  • 46 unique high quality rocks sculpted manually by hand
  • A wide range assets for level beautification
  • Well optimized LOD’s
  • Efficient usage of packed ORM Texture maps
  • Tileable rocks for efficient scaling
  • Vertex paint on tileable rocks
  • 4k Textures
  • Demonstration map fully completed

Texture Sizes:

All Textures - 4096x4096 (smaller meshes - set size to 2048)

Packed ORM Texture mapes (Occlusion, Roughness, Metalness)

Collision: Yes (Complex, Used last LOD)

Vertex Count: 700 - 8000

LODs: Yes

Number of Meshes: 178

Number of Master Materials and instances: 62

Number of Textures: 147

Supported Development Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, XBox One, VR

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, XBox One, VR

Tested in VR: Yes, Oculus

Platforms Tested: Windows

1 x Demo map

1 x Asset overview map




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