PowerLine Generator Pack

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A spline-based electrical power lines pylon system with street lamps (lamposts), wall mounts, and cables wires that auto connect. (utility poles) ALLPACS

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ALLPACS Electrical Powerlines Generator Pack is a spline-based powerline system that makes it easy to build a complex network of powerlines in any environment. The pack includes a series of customizable powerlines and wall mounts with cables that snap to the nearest target when placed in a level.

Watch the 50 second UPDATE 1 DEMO VIDEO

Watch the 50 second RELEASE DEMO VIDEO

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+ Simply drag off spline points to add new powerlines then move individual powerlines around the level and cables automatically keep their connection

+ Exposed variables provide options for lamps, transformers, frames, pegs, lights, rust and color

+ Uses a dynamic material instance to allow for material customization

+ Includes fully functional street lights with intensity setting

+ Blueprints are fully documented and commented

+ Blueprints are loaded at runtime via the construction script to save on performance

+ Includes one master powerline blueprint with multiple variations available as children (it's easy to create your own child blueprint and style it as you desire)

+ Easily swap the powerline style for any spline using a drop-down enumerator exposed in the details panel

Technical Details

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC

Documentation: PDF+DOC

Number of Blueprints: 10

Triangle Count: 826Tris Style 1 pylon / Style 2+3 1000 Tris-2500

Triangle Count Wires : single: 36tris / Wire Messy 3: 150 tris

Number of Meshes: 23

Collision: Yes, automatically generated

Number of Master Materials: 8

Number of Material Instances: 3

Number of Material Functions: 1

Number of Textures: 16



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