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From bedroom posters to skyscraper billboards. Original and professional quality movie poster designs across seven industry-standard formats and each fully scalable.

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This pack provides twelve fictitious movies, custom-built across seven industry-standard poster formats, giving you a total of twenty poster designs. See screenshots for a detailed breakdown. 


1. One Sheet Horizontal Base

2. One Sheet Vertical Base

3. Three Sheet Horizontal Base

4. Three Sheet Vertical Base

5. Six Sheet Base

6. Slim Sheet Horizontal Base

7. Slim Sheet Vertical Base


Open the PBR poster material instance, choose a poster design, apply the poster material instance to a plane mesh, scale the poster to whatever size you wish and overlay it on whatever surface you have in mind. At 2048x2048 all texts remain crisp and legible after scaling.

Technical Details

Textures: 40 PNGSs in total 

Sizes: 512x512 and 2048x2048

Number of Meshes: 1 (plane mesh)

1 Master Material

1 Material Instance

Collisions: None (overlay posters against a surface with collision)



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