AI Turret Controller

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An actor component that can quickly create a highly customizable and fully automated turret from other components. Very flexible and full of options for almost everything. An easy and fast solution to AI turrets.

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Short Demonstration Video:

This controller consists of a single actor component that can be added to any actor you may have. It is capable of taking control of scene components in that actor by including certain keywords in their names, and then making them behave like a turret. This controller was built to be an easy general purpose system to control and manage all sorts of different types of turrets that one may need to build, and includes a large number of options to customize the way the turret will acquire targets, rotate and aim, and finally engage its targets. It also includes a number of messages that it will send to its owning actor and spawned projectiles to allow for maximum customization and knowledge on what the turret is or should be doing.

If you want to easily create a functioning turret from almost any art assets you have be it a cannon, a machine gun, a guided missile launcher, a security camera, a laser cannon, or so much more, this controller can help you. It can be set up in minutes and allows for a massive amount of control for a broad range of turret types.

It is also designed to give you as many options as possible to adjust how it will work within the confines of the engine, allowing for many options that govern the finer details of how it actually works and interacts with other objects or actors in your level.

For a full list of features and options please read the documentation (found bellow at the end of Technical Information).

Note: The explosion texture and materials used with some projectiles is from the Epic Starter Content and is for demonstration purposes only and I hold no rights to them.

Technical Details


  •  Easy and fast to setup and use.
  •  Automates a turret to control its acquisition of targets, moving to engage the found target, and finally managing the firing of the projectiles.
  •  A series of interface events that will send messages to the owning actor and projectiles to provide them with needed information, allowing the user to as easily as possible integrate any desired custom behaviors into the actions of the controller, such as custom animations, barrel spin ups, projectiles that will seek a specific actor or component, and much more.
  • Works in just about any situation, be it stationary on a fortress wall or on the nose of a fast attack vessel recklessly bouncing across waves on the high seas. This controller was designed to work in as many different situations or conditions as possible regardless of how its moving or if what types of obstacles may be around it.
  • A variety of demonstration art assets, with customizable colors and roughness settings if you wish to use them yourself.

Number of Blueprints: 27 (2 for AI Turret Controller, the rest are for demonstration purposes)

Number of Meshes: 17 static 1 skeletal. Automatically generated collisions for all of them.

Input: No input required

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows




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