Adventurer's Ambience

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7 orchestral tracks, spanning a range of themes and moods to fit your fantasy adventures

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Adventurer's Ambience is a collection of different orchestral songs, all composed to fit various moods and environments that any brave adventurer might encounter on their journey. Whether lost in the woods as the sun goes down, or braving the snowy mountains in a blizzard, there's a song here suited to your travel. There are seven tracks in total, all between 2 - 6 minutes long.

Calm Twilight (04:15)
Forgotten City (05:41)
Jagged Dune (05:55)
Long Way from the Sun (03:45)
Off Charted Trails (03:10)
Peaceful Night(03:27) (Loopable)
Tundras of the Old (4:20)
Unveiled Glade (02:07)

Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks: 7
Sample rate \ bit rate: (44.1 kHz, 24 bit Stereo WAV)
Does music\audio loop: No/Yes
How many minutes of audio provided: 32:40



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