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Blueprint supported Steam Leaderboard, Stats, Achievements, Cloud

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Steam leaderboard and stats demo:
Steam Achievements demo:

AdvancedSteam is a Code plugin to make it easy to implement steamstats and leaderboard, achievements & Cloud on Blueprint. Of course, you can use it in C++.

Technical Details

List of Features

* Steam Leaderboard

** Read Leaderboard Integer

** Write Leaderboard Integer

** Retrieve Leaderboard

** Get Avatar Icon

* Steam Stats

** Read Stats

** Set team Stat

** Increase Stat

* Steam Achievements

** Read Achievements

** Get Achievement Icon

** Get Cached Achievement

** Set Progress

** Unlock Achievement

** Clear Achievement

* Steam Cloud

** Write Cloud

** Read Cloud

Intended Platform: Windows

Platforms Tested: Windows


Leaderboard and Stat manual

Achievements manual

Example Project:

Additional Note:

Basically, AdvancedSteam plugin expands OnlineSubSystemSteam - it fixed some bugs. If you combine Steam stat with leaderboard & achievement, you can create dynamic tables with float and integer stat. You can set/get multiple stats at once. You can attach and share multiple files on leaderboard like replay files. It's fully working as asynchronous tasks.



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