Advanced Water Material

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Multipurpose animated water material with refraction and wave displacement

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A fully editable Material Blueprint based on an animated water material. Optionally uses tessellation and world displacement for wave simulation. It includes textures for ocean waves, small waves and foam. The material blueprint can be used for lakes, oceans, tropical environments and more. You can fully customize the colors, deepness and opacity of the water, as well as wave normals and wave size. Light refaction is also supported and can be easily configured. You can set up automatic foam generation where the water plane meets a terrain or any other object.

Please note that the material needs some underlying geometry (like a mesh or landscape) to calculate the water depth. For realistic rendering you also need to add a "Planar Reflection" object as shown in the demo scene.

Feature Overview (Video):

Tutorial Video:

Important: Currently does not work in Forward Shading Mode!

Technical Details


  •    1x Demo scene with landscape and water plane
  •    1x Water Blueprint (ready-to-use)
  •    1x Water mesh (subdivided for optimized tessellation)
  •    1x Water Material
  •    10x Material functions (used in water material)
  •    1x Material instance, used in the Blueprint
  •    14x Textures (used in material)

Features of the Material:

  •    Color setup
  •    Light refraction
  •    Opacity parameters
  •    Foam generation where water hits an object (like a landscape)
  •    Metallic strength
  •    Ocean waves
  •    Small waves
  •    Customizable normal strength
  •    Global scaling parameter, based on the scale of your water plane
  •    Water deepness
  •    Tessellation (optional)
  •    Water surge configuration for simulating waves (optional)
  •    Fresnel Setting (to avoid texture tiling / repetitions)

Texture Resolutions:

  •     Foam textures: 1024x1024
  •     Ocean (large wave) textures: 1024x1024
  •     Small waves: 512x512

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of Materials: 1

Number of Instances: 1

Number of Textures: 14 (4 foam, 8 ocean waves, 2 small waves)

Intended Platform: All Desktop Platforms, not tested on Mobile

Documentation: not included



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