Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit

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This blueprint provides all the basic components needed to start making your own turn based strategy game.

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    4.6 - 4.15



This blueprint provides all the basic components needed to start making your own turn based strategy game. It supports both square and hexagonal grids and includes systems for visibility, camera control and AI. Levels can be built directly in the viewport through drag and drop or automatically generated on top of the underlying terrain. Everything is made using well-organized, commented blueprints, making customizing the system possible even for non-programmers. Hours of tutorial videos lets you master the toolkit in no time. The toolkit is designed to be as flexible as possible, and is a great starting point for many types of turn based strategy games.

• A grid based path finding algorithm that includes options for variable movement cost
• Support for both square and hexagonal grids, as well as multi-level grids. Levels can be displayed using visible tiles or function invisibly underneath organic, seamless terrain
• Both touch and keyboards camera controls are included for rotation, panning and zooming as well as smooth pawn movement using splines
• Levels can be built directly in the UE4 viewport, either through drag and drop or by having the toolkit automatically generate a walkability grid on top of any terrain
• The grid works for tiles of all sizes and can be placed wherever you want in your level
• Includes artificial intelligence that allows enemies to choose where to go based on their preferred attack range
• Pawns can be customized by changing their speed, damage, range, AI presets and more
• A visibility system using traces lets you determine what tiles a pawn can see and which pawns it can attack from its current position
• All grid math is calculated independently of any meshes, making you free to display levels however you want

Technical Details

Most of the grid based logic is contained within the Grid Manager blueprint. This includes visibility, AI and pathfinding, which works independently of navmesh. The Grid Manager generates a grid when it is placed in the viewport. The turn based game structure is managed by ATBTT_GameMode, input by ATBTT_PlayerController and AI by ATBTT_AIController. Top down camera controls are contained in BP_GridCamera.

The framework contains some very simple meshes and materials, which are intended as placeholders for your own meshes and materials. The 24 included meshes contain few Tris and the 11 materials are simple colors without textures, causing minimal impact on performance as you are prototyping your game. Most included meshes have less than 30 Tris. All have less than 100.

Additionally a game example is included of a 2D roguelike game. This game uses a spritesheet that is licenced under creative commons zero, which is free to use for commercial use without attribution. These sprites were not created by me and can be downloaded for free here. The example game also includes music created by Jon Lunde. If you want to hear more, here is a link to his Soundcloud.

Intended Platform: Desktop



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