Advanced Safe Zone

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This is an advanced safe zone system for your games.

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Preview and Tutorial Video

Mobile Test Video

Hello everyone. This project contains lot's of features of a safe zone. You can add as many as you want with just one blueprint actor. And also for the health events i used player controller bp. So it's easy to integrate with other projects. Now let's take a look at these features.

Technical Details


  • You can set a delay for first spawn.
  • The safe zone actor will show up in a random place every time.
  • Each safe zone can have specific damage for 'shrinking' and 'shrinked' situation.
  • You can always turn on/off the next shrink circle.
  • If you are not in the first safe zone it will not hurt the character before starts to shrink.
  • Fully customisable materials for each one of them.
  • Scan effect for zone materials.
  • There is an arrow for showing the center of the zone in the HUD.
  • Animated widgets and blood splash.
  • And more features as you can see in the video :)


Input: Keyboard

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Tested For Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Tested For Windows

Important/Additional Notes: If you have any questions and wishes, please keep in touch with me from here;

I would be always happy to contact with you guys.



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