Advanced Replay System

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Use a highly optimized replay system in your game with ease!

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Demo Video: Here!

Demo Standalone Build: Here!

Support Discord Server: Here!

The Advanced Replay System is full-packed with features which make it super easy to integrate a fully working replay system in your game with less work. It only requires four Blueprint nodes to create a fully working replay system which can record and playback replays.

One special feature is the ability to store custom metadata with replays. With an easy Blueprint wildcard system, you can store every struct you want, containing data such as weather conditions, or game difficulty with your replay, which can be displayed in an user interface later.

Another special feature is the event system. With that, you are enabled to store data on the replay's timeline while recording. The player killed someone, or opened a loot crate? No problem, you can easily store that as an event and when playing back the replays, you can get those events and display them on the timeline, with custom data stored with the events!

The plugin also implements a new "recorder", which records the replay to memory while playing, and saves it to disk when you stop the recording. No performance decrease while recording can be noticed!

Note: This plugin records replays with a fake network driver, which means your project needs to be replicated, even if you have a singleplayer game, because only what's replicated can be recorded.

Note 2: The plugin does not work in Play-In-Editor mode due to restrictions in Unreal's code.

Technical Details


  • Simple and easy guided setup
  • Self-explaining, greatly documented Blueprint API
  • Less clutter thanks to little amount of Blueprint nodes needed for the system to work
  • Comes with a fully working example project for an integration starting point
  • Rich online documentation
  • All features for recording, playing back, listing and manipulating replays
  • A Spectator Player Controller class with events for easy integration

Code Modules:

  • AdvancedReplaySystem (Runtime)
  • EfficientNetworkReplayStreaming (Runtime)

Number of Blueprints: 10

Number of C++ Classes: 4

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Documentation: Here!

Example Project: Here!

Important/Additional Notes: This plugin requires your project to being fully replicated, even if it is not a multiplayer game! Everything which is not replicated, is not taken into account for replay recording.



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