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Handles Health / Shield / Mana / Stamina / Energy / Thirst / Hunger / Experience & Advanced visuals!

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Progression types: Health / Shield / Mana / Stamina / Energy / Thirst / Hunger / Experience (More upon request)

Progression Component keeps track of all Stats that require a visual representation through 5 Blueprint exposed functions, giving you full control over the system.

Each Stat got 14 exposed parameters allowing highly customized visual representations to be created.

Endless combinations & behaviors giving you uniquely tailored features in no time at all.

A single Component per class will handle all Stats per instance & type basis, both before & at runtime! A clean & truly powerful tool to have at your disposal.

3 example Blueprints can be found in Plugins content folder that is fully commented & structured to make you understand how stuff work.

What Types of game could use this?

All types, from MMO games to FPS to Survival to children games

Anything with a Progress Bar should use the features you can find within this component!

How do I use it?

- When the plugin has been enabled simply add the Component to anything with a class that requires a Progression type. (E.g Health)

- Create 1 widget deriving from one of the included C++ classes & add any amount of instances of that class to another widget, each instance will be able to handle a different Stat.

- Everything from the C++ Class to the Example Project is fully commented. The Example Project also contains use case examples such as a level up system & sprint system.


Technical Details


  •  Create & handle progression types of all sorts ( Health / Shield / Mana / Stamina / Energy / Thirst / Hunger / Experience )
  •  Will handle hundreds of instances at once, all with unique behaviors done through a single Component
  •  Setup regeneration on a per Progression instance & type basis, with regen/without regen/ drain over time
  • All controls at your disposal such as tick interval, delays & lerp time values, instant regeneration, regeneration value(to mention a few)
  • Interpolate between colors of your choice depending on current Stat value
  • You can choose per Stat modification if you want it to be animated
  • Works flawlessly on both 3D & 2D Widgets
  • All Stats can be changed out at runtime

Code Modules:

  •  ProgressionComponent [Runtime]

Number of Blueprints: 3 (Examples)

Number of C++ Classes: 2

Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32

Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop

Documentation: Tutorial & Everything is thoroughly commented + 3 Example BPs with setups & examples.

Example Project contains additional examples as well.

Example Project uses Luos Free Noise Texture

ExampleProject Download




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