Advanced Inventory And Weapon System

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It's an advanced inventory and weapon system for your games.

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Hello everyone. This project allows you to pick up consumable items to your inventory and stack them. Also i've created a weapon system which is support 5 different weapon type as primary, secondary, pistol, melee and the grenade. You can equip with X button, swap with num keys that i already set for each one of them. Also you can swap to forward or backward with mouse wheel buttons.

This system also has Drag&Drop functionality. As like as you can pick item from ground by clicking to right mouse button, you can also pick them by drag&drop. And of course you can drop any type of item by drag&drop.

For BackPack item i added a variable that allows you to set inventory size. For example your max inventory size is 10 at the begining and you pick up a level 1 backpack which is you set the inventory size to 20. It sets your inventory size to 30.

Last thing what i want to talk about is that you can add different images to slots and ground slots. In that way your images will not be tiled.

I hope you guys like it. Cheers!

Technical Details


  • There are five weapon type as primary, secondary, pistol, melee and grenade
  • Each weapon has their own sockets.
  • You can increase your inventory size by equiping backpack's. Also you can set the value of increase.
  • There is an option for consumable items to make them stackable
  • Swap weapon with num keys, mouse scroll button and equip/unequip with X key.
  • Pick up, drop item or weapon with Drag&Drop also with right mouse button.
  • If there is more than one stackable item it asks you how many you want to drop.
  • When you hover the items it shows you a little widget about the item.

Number of Blueprints: 50+

Input: Keyboard

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Tested For Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Tested For Windows

Important/Additional Notes: The meshes you have seen in the preview video will not be in the project. I'm not allow to add them unfortunately. But you can always find them on the internet. Feel free to ask!



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