Advanced Collectibles Generator

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Collectibles Generator is a system that generates and manages coins & collectibles.

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With a very complete built-in features, Advanced Collectibles Generator generates and seamlessly manages coins & other collectibles in your game. Filled with various customization tools from placing coins on a vertical path to spawning coins in spiral form during game-play, this system will gorgeously help and support building your next collect-a-thon title.

While Advanced Collectibles Generator is a heavily automatized system, developers still gain access to numerous settings without requiring any Blueprint knowledge.

Video Documentation :


Feature Overview

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Technical Details

Features / Content :

  •  Set number of columns
  •  Set number of rows
  •  Set distance between coins
  • Align coins to linear / circular path
  • Place coins manually
  • Rotate coins circularly
  • 2 coin types [ respawn / consumable ] - respawn coins will be re-collectible upon level replay, but consumable coins are only collectible once.
  • Register number of collected coins when playing
  • Create multiple sets of consumable coins - each consumable coins set contains its own settings [ colors / meshes ] and number of collected coins.
  • Automatic data registration created in Editor for coin generation
  • Editing a single setting affects every levels
  • Automatic widget icons depending on coins' colors and meshes
  • Spawn [ Launch ] coins during game-play [ all coin placement settings applicable ].
  • Highly optimized system that supports up to thousands of coins in a single scene [ depending on the platform ].
  • 2 materials [ 1 coin / 1 transparent coin ]
  • 5 unique coin meshes
  • 5 unique coin icons matching coin meshes
  • 1 particle system
  • 1 font
  • Auto-generated LODs

Number of Blueprints :

  • 5 Blueprints
  • 3 coin Blueprints
  • 1 Widget Blueprint
  • 1 SaveGame Blueprint

Network Replicated : No

Supported Development Platforms: All platforms supported

Supported Target Build Platforms: All platforms supported

[ performance should be kept under review for low-end platforms ]

Additional Notes : Blueprint references needed to spawn coins during game-play.



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