Advanced Ability Crafting System

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An advanced ability crafting system where you can add as much elements and ingredients as you want to make thousands of abilities, and add nodes to them to improve their stats such as damage, cooldown, mana cost etc.

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On this ability crafting system the players are allowed to make their own abilities combining different elements and ingredients and improve them using nodes.

It is really easy to change, every Blueprint is commented and organized.

If you want more recipes just add them to the data table and that's all. You can add more ingredients and elements as well, the ones that come with the package are just for testing purpose as well as their icons.


Technical Details


  • Craft your own Ability.
  • Improve your Ability stats.
  • Recipe Book.
  • Crafting Table.
  • Money System for crafting.
  • Catalysts System to improve your Ability stats.
  • Ability details (Tool tip widget) (
  • Widget tutorial for the developer.
  • Animation when you craft.
  • Animation if you don't have enough money.
  • Animation if you don't have enough Catalysts.
  • Easily added into your project.
  • Every Blueprint is commented.
  • Custom font.

Numbers of data tables/structs: 3 of each.

Numbers of Textures (Including ICONS, and widget textures): 36.

Input: "K" For adding more silver coins. "J" for adding more Catalysts. (Just for testing purpose).

Documentation: Crafting.txt, Abilities.txt, Basic_Recipes.txt



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