Actor Waypoints

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Quickly build and visualize actor movements with simple snap on actor components.

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Suitable for any type of project, the Actor Waypoints
blueprint collection enables you to quickly get actors in your scene
moving for simple motion or pre-visualization. This is the blueprint
system for you if you ever find yourself thinking, "I wish I had a
simple way to quickly get actors moving in my level with basic event
hooks to see how it looks."

Just drag and drop target points into your scene, snap a waypoint
component onto each of your movable actors, and add waypoints to each by
selecting target points by name or selecting them directly in the level.
Accept the default or set the time or speed each actor will take from
waypoint to waypoint. Enable looping to make an actor continue around
the waypoints indefinitely.

To see travel lines, snap the waypoint visualizer component onto your
actor and customize line color, duration, and thickness. The waypoint
visualizer provides editable line colors for different stages of each
actor's movement (move to first waypoint, waypoint to waypoint, and
loop) and draws them in the level as it is playing.

Take great satisfaction in lighting actors on fire when they reach
certain waypoints or doing anything else enabled by blueprints using
waypoint change and movement complete events (requires blueprinting, but
entirely optional).

As your project develops, leave the waypoint components in place or
replace them with more complex code, blueprinting, AI, or matinee
controls if necessary.

List of Features:
* Waypoint List Construction
* Smooth Movement Between Waypoints
* Time Between Waypoints Editable
* Speed Between Waypoints Editable
* Starting Delay Editable
* Auto-Rotation Toggle
* Waypoint Visualization
* Visualization Coloring Editable
* In Place Enable/Disable Toggles
* Change Waypoint Event
* Finished Moving Event

Technical Details

Technical Details:

* Waypoint Movement Actor Component
* Waypoints Visualizer Actor Component
* Example Actor Using Waypoint Events
* Example Inheriting Actor Component
* Waypoint Data Structure
* Waypoint Pair Data Structure
* Actor Waypoints Basics Tutorial
* Actor Waypoints Visualization Tutorial

* Evented Actors In Motion Demo

* Tutorial Thumbnail

Intended Platforms: All

Platforms Tested: Windows

Documentation: All editable properties have descriptive tooltips so you know exactly what they do. The blueprint code is clean and well-commented so you can easily dig into the details of the blueprint code if you wish.



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