Ability Pack - Telekinesis

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8 ready to use Abilities/Skills

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Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w7DRKz9Ei0&t

Demo Project

The second entry in the Ability Pack Series. This product provides 8 (+variations) ready to use abilities perfect for any game. Also included is a jumppad, physic objects, a skill bar with icons, simple AI, and a simple turret.


1 - Possession

2 - Sense Vision

3 - Force Wall/Prison

4 - Force Shield

5 - Gravity Slam

6 - Force Blast

7 - Force Push/Throw

8 - Force Pull/Grab

Set gamemode to BP_TSGM when testing example map!


How to add to an existing project

How to add my packs together

Please consider giving feedback or thoughts on what pack you would like to see next!

For any inquiry or support please contact: PugScapeDev@gmail.com

Technical Details


  • 8 Abilities in Character_BP
  • 1 Example map
  • Jumppad Blueprint
  • 4 Force objects
  • Physics Objects Blueprint
  • Simple Roaming AI Blueprint
  • Skillbar with icons
  • 1 Turret Blueprint

Number of Blueprints: 10

Input: Keyboard and Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: 4.19, 4.20, 4.21

Important Notes: Every pack has their own theme and color. There are no Animations included. No damaging skills in this particular pack.



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