Animated Belgian Assault Rifle FPS Weapons Pack

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AAA quality Belgian assault rifle with VFX, 4K textures, 3 LODs, and fully animated / rigged arms. 28 assets in all!

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Ironbelly Studios has reproduced this military classic with a new VFX muzzle flash, animations and ultra high AAA quality. The base model, 3 LODs, model skeletal rig, and 10 unique animations are fully rigged and ready to animate. Assets are separate meshes, and include 5 full 4K PBR textures and first person arms. Everything is conveniently set up in Unreal, ready to easily drop into your project.

The FP arms included are 100% compatible with all weapons and the UE4 Starter Kit. For additional sleeve textures, skin tones and female arms, check out our FP Arms Pack .

Tutorial | Video Demo | Attachment Web Demo

This is a modified version of our original weapon design, email us at for more information.

Technical Details

Belgian AR (20 Assets)

1 Ultra High AAA Belgian AR (8,214 Tris / 9,494 Verts)

3 Belgian AR LODs

  • 25% (1,502 Tris / 3,024 Verts)
  • 50% (3,593 Tris / 6,977 Verts)
  • 75% (5,899 Tris / 8,922 Verts)

1 Belgian AR Skeletal Rig (7 bones)

10 Animations (Idle, Walk, Sprint, Fire, Reload, Aim, Aim Walk, Aim Fire, Raise, Lower)

5 PBR Textures @ 4096x4096 for SVD and Scope (Base Color, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion, Metalness)

First Person Arms (8 Assets)

1 Ultra High AAA Quality First Person Arms (12,120 Tris / 6,094 Verts)

1 First Person Arms LOD (50% - 6,060 Tris / 3,063 Verts)

1 First Person Arms Skeletal Rig (69 bones)

5 First Person Arms PBR Textures @ 4096x4096 (Base Color, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion, Metalness)



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