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AJA Media Plugin

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The AJA Media Plugin enables users to natively send SDI video in and out of the Unreal Engine. Weather it is Virtual Production, Film, or Broadcast Television, SDI video allows for frame accurate, low latency, high quality video. Support for Timecode, Genlock, allow for the Unreal Engine to be used seamlessly with professional video pipelines.

Technical Details

Professional Video I/O

AJA Media Quickstart

AJA Media Reference Guide

Timecode and Genlock

Support for Kona and Corvid line cards

Technical Details


  • Capture a SDI input feed with AJA Media Player.
  • HD video are supported with progressive and interlaced standard.
  • Read audio, timecode and ancillary data.
  • Can synchronize the input with the engine's timecode.
  • Grab a UE4 rendered image and output it with SDI feed with AJA Output.
  • Genlock the engine with AJA Custom Time Step.
  • Control the engine's timecode with AJA Timecode Provider.

Code Modules:

  • AJAMedia
  • AJAMediaOutput
  • AJAMediaFactory
  • AJAMediaEditor

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64

Documentation: https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Engine/ProVideoIO

Example Project: From the learn tab, the sample "Virtual Studio" is an example of how you can use AJA in your project. https://unrealengine.com/learn/virtual-studio

Important/Additional Notes: The plugin has been tested with the Kona 4 and the Corvid44 card. It doesn't support HDMI, dual link and quad link.



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