4K Materials: Wood Flooring Vol.02

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4K Materials: Wood Flooring Vol.02 contains 25 customizable PBR wood flooring materials with 4K textures. Also ideal for ArchViz & VR.

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★★★ Demonstration scene included ★★★

Video (Preview of 4K Materials: Wood Flooring Vol.01) : https://youtu.be/H3c-sVCDpTE

✔ Photorealistic PBR Materials

✔ Ultra sharp 4K textures

✔ Scratch & Grunge layers for a worn look

✔ Photo-sourced

✔ Seamless

✔ 25 Materials x unlimited variations

✔ Easy to customize

✔ Specifically tailored for ArchViz projects

This pack contains 25 wood flooring materials with crispy 4K textures,

which will elevate your game and ArchViz projects to the next level.

The benefit of Karl Detroit’s Wood Flooring lays in the flexibility of its

Materials. Thanks to the predefined material parameters, you can change the

color, roughness, normal, scratch, and ambient occlusion values depending on your


Technical Details

Number of Materials: 27 (2 master and 25 instances) 

Number of Textures: 106

Texture Resolution: 4096x4096 

Wood Types : Beech, 3 types of Oak, Walnut 

5 Patterns for Each Type of Wood: Strip, Overlay, Basket Weave, Herringbone, Versailles 

Seamless Tiling 

Material Parameters for changing the Color, Roughness, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, and UV's

If you have questions or need a hand with anything, please contact us: contact@karldetroit.com



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