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Fully rigged, animated and Unreal-ready fantasy creatures for your game.

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Hydra: The Greeks certainly knew how to come up with cool critters, Greek mythical beasts seem to have that awesomeness factor. Hydras are awesome in their lizardous glory, so cool cos they’re very hard to kill. It’s hard to say how many heads a Hydra starts with, but cut off one and two grow back in its place. Unless you’re really good at multitasking, the Hydra’s other heads are going to kill you while you’re trying to deal with just one of them.

Devil Cat: What if a cat was as big as a tiger? He would be badass, no doubt! Devil cat shocks the player how a familiar harmless pet turn into something so truculent. It'll be suit to be used in any horror/fantasy game you're making and definitely make it more interesting!

Dragon Bat: You're not making a 2D game, right? So why not have enemies that can fly above you? It'd be cool to fight enemies that can dodge above you so you can't hit them. Then your gun, or bow has to lock onto them to shoot or you need to try and catch them to beat them with your sword. But you thought bats were pitiful and insignificant creatures akin to flies, bells and putits? Here's a special kick-ass bat for you: the Dragon Bat!

Horrid Spider, Fantasy Spider: Need some scary mobs to impress your players? Those spiders are good choices! They hatch inside human noses, eat the victim's brain to grow up, someday they'll crawl out from the mouth, chop off the head to freely run around and use the victim's skull as a shell to protect their soft abdomen.

Dragon Worm: The player is like "I'm safe now..",and the Dragon Worm is like "Booya!!!" when it pops up from the ground and rips him apart :D. Dragon Worms usually hide underground and attack their prey using their strong jaws and deadly poison. This model is so carefully made we even make some saliva in the mouth (please take a look at black background preview images, since the saliva is white it's hard to see it in 100% white background). The model comes with an opacity mapped sand prop so it'll blend nicely into your map.

Technical Details

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0kQS5GKpJc

* You can view the model animations at http://3dfoin.com

Technical Details: Number of characters: 6

Triangle counts of characters: Hydra: 8696. Devil Cat: 7864. Dragon Bat: 4188. Dragon Worm: 6810 tris, sand base: 849 tris. Horrid Spider: 6908, Fantasy Spider: 6332.

Texture Resolutions: Hydra, Dragon Bat, Dragon Worm: 2048x2048, Horrid Spider, Fantasy Spider, Devil Cat: 4096x4096

Number of Materials: Hydra: 3, Dragon Bat: 4, Dragon Worm: 4, Horrid Spider: 1, Fantasy Spider: 3, Devil Cat: 1

Number of animations provided per character: Hydra: 14, Dragon Bat: 9, Dragon Worm: 12, Horrid Spider: 9, Fantasy Spider: 9, Devil Cat: 12

Intended Platform: Desktop - Console



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