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Easily create 3d volumetric text on the scene for your games with a virtual reality and not only!

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Support and information about discounts https://discord.gg/BZV4Qh3

Video demonstration (1.1): https://youtu.be/Igg9AK1w5S0

Package demonstration (1.1): https://goo.gl/fzqE4P

Fully customizable blueprint to create volume 3D text for your scenes. The script fully supports font size changes, space between letters, height between lines, volume change, color change, adding transparency, metal effect and roughness.

Available effect:

  • The effect of a typewriter with a customizable sound and playback time.
  • The effect of slow filling.

The list will be updated!

Available characters are: 







Update 1.4:

New function node "Set text" for set new text in game

Bug fixed

Available fonts (royalty-free):

1. Days + cyrillic


3. Krabuler + cyrillic

4. GNWestern

5. LazenbyCompLiquid

6. Autobus

7. ConcertOne

8. Metropolis

9. The list will be updated! Add in the comments fonts name, the most popular will be added with the archive.

Technical Details

Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product)

Number of Blueprints: 11

Number of meshes: 1374 Static meshes 

Average Triangle count: 500 ranging from 20 to ~2000 triangles 

Number of Materials: 4 materials (1 master materials and 3 material instances) 

Collision: Simplified collision mesh 

Input: not included (demo WASD flying)

Network Replicated: not required

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 7+

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 7+

Documentation: No (Not needed) 



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