2D Endless Runner Platform Kit

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The 2D Infinite Runner Kit is the ultimate, easy to use framework for creating endless runner type of games in 2D! It is blueprint based and has a number of features like enemies, hp/dmg system, rewards, local save data, score, loop-able environment etc

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Preview: youtube.com/watch?v=6kESDfTyZ40

Now with FULL mobile support for Android and IOS!

This is a 2D Infinite Runner Game kit in which you must avoid obstacles, gather coins and power-ups with your character. Your character can jump or double jump on or over these objects. Coins and obstacles are spawned grouped in a pattern or individually. The blueprints are commented and easy to use.

The full list of functionalities is as follows (more will be added in future updates HERE):

Everything is commented and the blueprints communicate in a centralized manner.

Get in touch!

Support thread HERE

Email: fkrue4@gmail.com

Technical Details


  • Jump/Multi jump
  • Character Selection Screen


  • Looping Parallaxing


  • Patrol
  • Projectile
  • Static
  • Special (attacks your last character position)
  • Can be destroyed if jumping on them propelling you upwards

Damage/Health System

  • Custom health and damage values
  • Health pickups
  • Hurt + death states


  • Low, Med, High (custom value)
  • HUD display


  • Coin Magnet (attracts coins towards you)
  • Health
  • Invincibility
  • Reward multiplier
  • Visual feedback

Spawning system

  • Patterns/groups of enemy/coins/powerups
  • Random/Fixed spawn positions
  • Spawn chances per actor types
  • Special spawner (single powerups or special enemies)


  • Custom increments x times
  • Affects spawn chances


  • HUD display
  • Custom increments
  • Bonus score

Save Game File

  • Stored coins/scores locally
  • High Score and coins HUD display


  • Idle dialogue text display
  • HUD display coins, score, health, powerups
  • Pause screen
  • Score screen
  • Text feedback

Other Features

  • Sounds
  • Animations
  • Effects

Number of Materials: 9

Number of Sprites: 77

Number of Flipbooks: 6

Number of Blueprints: 56

Documentation included: Yes

Tested Platforms: PC, Android, IOS



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