24 Sci-fi HDRI Textures Pack

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24 hand crafted sci-fi HDRI textures featuring space, nebula, orbits, interiors and more.

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This pack contains 24 hand crafted sci-fi textures which have multiple uses for enhancing scenes and model showcases with HDRI lighting. These textures can be used with a skylight to great effect.

There are 24 - 4k x 2k and 24 - 2k x 1k, although unreal by default only supports 512. These HDRI textures are based on a variety of science fiction lighting scenarios which are ideal for Low and High earth orbits, clouds and nebula, Mars, sci-fi bases and interiors as well as some unique alien textures and deep space.

Technical Details

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  • 24 High Quality Sci-fi HDRI textures
  • Comes in 4x2k and 2x1k
  • Showcase map setup with Skylight
  • Essential Sci-fi Lighting Scenarios
  • Great for PBR models and materials

Texture Resolutions: (complete list)

  •  24 x (4k x 2k) HDRI Textures
  •  24 x (2k x 1k) HDRI Textures
  • 4 x 4k (Colour,Metal,Roughness,Normal, AO for Preview Mesh)

Number of Textures:48

Supported Development Platforms: (PC, MAC, Console, Mobile, VR & AR)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC, MAC, Console, Mobile, VR & AR)

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