20+ Gun Impact Particles

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Bullet impact particle systems and Demo room on how to apply them.

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Video: http://youtu.be/z1f-VzNeAMc

Now you can shoot things and have it do stuff!

All included particles are X-axis aligned... meaning its plug and play with HitTraces. In addition, all effects have Vector Parameters exposed for reflection vectors. Dynamically, they are influenced with the angle of the impact not just the surface normal. Example setup included in the demo.

- Dirt

- Water

- Concrete

- Metal

- Plaster

- Sand

- many more surfaces...

Combine, Scale, or create new impact particles by using this pack as a foundation for all of you impact needs!


Documentation & Setup

Training Videos

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Technical Details

Designed for Desktop and Mobile

Designed for Desktop with GPU Sprites for full detail. Turn off GPU Sprites for mobile support.

- 23 particle systems

*NOTE* Parts of this pack is also included in the Advanced Decal & Laser Pack

*NOTE* If installed into a blank project, the provided InputSetup.ini needs to be imported



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