Muzzle Flashes

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Muzzle Flash Library with Demo room to browse all of the variations for your Gun firing needs!

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You get ready made muzzle flashes to add instant VFX to your weapon systems. Several weapon types are included such as bullet, energy, and even mini-guns! Muzzle flashes can be used in continuous fire or single shot.

There are 13 different styles with several different size variations for each.

The included Demo room is a great way to browse the different variations and sizes. Simply walk around until you see one that you like or mix and match different systems together. Intended as a development toolkit, you can combine, scale, or recreate any muzzle flash to meet your specific needs.

If your game has any weapons, pistols, machine guns, mini-guns, tanks, jets, or even motherships, then buy this collection today!

If it goes BOOM, then we got you covered! =)

- Bullet weapons

- Energy weapons

- Continuous fire weapons

- Single shot weapons

- Blast weapons


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Technical Details

-101 Particle Systems with all size variations

-13 Effects that each have up to 8 size variants



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