Unreal Engine Short Film Challenge

Calling Australian filmmakers

Image courtesy of Andrew Svanberg Hamilton

UPDATE: Unreal Engine Short Film Challenge has now concluded!

We were thrilled to welcome over 1,800 participants to the challenge, many with no previous Unreal Engine experience. We provided them all with two weeks’ training on filmmaking techniques in Unreal Engine completely free of charge. They were then invited to team up and create pitches for their proposed projects. 
Sixteen of the best were awarded $20,000 AUS each and given just six weeks to make their films. The results demonstrate a wonderful diversity of creative storytelling and are a testament to the talent found in the region. You can see all of the films, including the winning entry Cassini Logs—which received $50,000 AUS—at the link below. 

We'd like to thank everyone who participated and congratulate all the finalists for their hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm. 

Want to make your own real-time short film?

If you’re inspired by what these talented filmmakers were able to do in just six weeks, you can download Unreal Engine for free and do some storytelling of your own. Not sure how to get started? There are over 160 hours of free video learning content at Unreal Online Learning.