Unreal® Engine EULA For Creators Change Log

DISCLAIMER: The following change log is intended to aid subscribers by flagging major substantive changes in EULA amendments, but is not intended to detail all changes. Prior to accepting the amended EULA, you should review the full agreement.

EULA for Creators version 3:
  • Introduces “Non-Engine Products” as a defined term and adds clarifying examples of Non-Engine Products.
  • Removes Term and Termination section.
  • Modifies “Product” definition to align with Publishing EULA.
EULA for Creators version 2:
  • Changes title of agreement from “UNREAL® ENGINE STUDIO END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT” to “UNREAL® ENGINE END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR CREATORS” in response to retirement of Unreal Studio.  See more info here.
  • Removes references to Unreal Studio, Datasmith, and DIF Exporters.
  • Clarifies permitted uses of UE-Only Content.
  • Removes restrictions on use of Licensed Technology (a) in gambling-related Products/activities and (b) for operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation, aircraft communication systems or air traffic control machines, or for military use in connection with live combat.