January 14, 2015

Marketplace Content Release

저자: Jon Jones

Hi, everybody! It's that special time again -- Marketplace content release day! We've got some great stuff this week, with a split theme of the modern military and explosions, and medieval combat and magic! This is a good one. Read on!

First up we have the Military Pack Part 1 from the prolific Manufactura K4. This is a set of 130+ high quality military models with LODs, 4 ground textures, 3 vehicles, and everything you need to flesh out and fully realize a modern military base. If you don't already know Manufactura K4 and his work, you should really check out what he's done. His packs are extremely high-quality both visually and in terms of functionality and modularity, enabling developers to get massive value and use out of each pack. If you're building a game featuring military vehicles and bases, this pack is a great choice.

Are there any sweeter words than Futuristic Combat Weapons? If there are, I haven't heard them. This pack comes to you from Vector Effects, and features four unique weapons each with several material variations. Even better, they're all rigged and ready to animate! Go, shoot, stab and blow stuff up!

I think we can all agree that explosions are totally awesome, especially when they're caused by grenades. Well, then I have a treat for you! We're now offering the VFX Grenade Pack from Gentleman Fred VFX for sale. Whether you're lobbing grenades into concrete, metal, dirt, grass, snow, air, wood, water, or anywhere at all, Gentleman Fred has you covered! Even better, he includes a scorch decal, a Blueprint for geo camera shakes, and he tops it off with a grenade Blueprint that uses all of the above. This is a great example of a content pack that fulfills all angles of a specific need that works perfectly out of the box, but also as individual components. Check out the video and enjoy the booms: http://youtu.be/F1i9a1Uwokg

What's the best way to carry and store a large number of items while leaving your hands free? BACKPACKS! That's the goal of the new Backpacks pack from Werzan, which contains a wide variety of 21 military and sports backpack models each with a unique 2048x2048 texture. Not only is this a quick way to add variety to the characters in your game, but these would also be terrific pickup items for loot drops or collectibles of different types.

Next we have Vector Field Magic Effects by CCCPRobot, a collection of 10 assorted magic affects using GPU particles, six custom vector fields, textures, and materials. This one is particularly special because of the custom vector fields, which are essentially 3D volumes in space that contain 'wind' that affect particles that move through it. This opens up a wide variety of extremely interesting and visually impressive possibilities for effects that you don't often see. Making your own can be a real pain, and I wanted to highlight how time-savingly cool it is that CCCPRobot made a variety of them for your use here. Check out t