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Tappy Chicken is lightweight app available for iOS, Android and HTML5.

Want to create your own Tappy? Download UE4 at unrealengine.com and get started!

We’ll share improvements and updates as new features come online.


  • Pretty 2D style visuals with procedural level generation
  • Easy yet hard to master gameplay
  • Small download size
  • iOS: Game Center leaderboards, achievements and iAd integration
  • Android: Google Play leaderboards, achievements and AdMob support
  • HTML5/WebGL: Emscripten toolchain; runs in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera
  • Built by one artist using UE4 Blueprint visual scripting
  • Easy to modify and extend
  • UE4 code and Tappy Chicken content available through unrealengine.com
Tappy Chicken  
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