April 5, 2017

Epic Games and Inbetweengames to Host UE4 Talks at Quo Vadis

作成 Daniel Kayser

Attendees at the upcoming Quo Vadis conference will have the opportunity to hear from both Epic Games’ evangelist Sjoerd De Jong and Unreal Engine 4 developer inbetweengames when the conference takes place in Berlin from April 24-26.

Epic’s session will give insight into the Unreal Engine real-time rendering process as it runs through each frame from an artist’s perspective and what the practical implications are on art production. Plus, the AAA-vets of indie team inbetweengames (ex-Yager) will discuss how they have built their first commercial game, All Walls Must Fall, from the ground up with minimal initial funding.

“We’ve seen so many amazing projects coming from ultra talented teams throughout Europe and we at Epic are excited to be at Quo Vadis in order to share the many ways in which Unreal Engine 4 is empowering developers to achieve their goals,” said Sjoerd De Jong. “I’m personally looking forward to delivering my talk on real-time rendering and hearing how the team at inbetweengames has leveraged UE4 to craft All Walls Must Fall, which is easily one of the most unique titles we’ve seen.”

Details regarding the talks can be found below. Those interested in attending the show can find more information on registration and passes here and can use the code “20_Epic” to receive 20% off on all ticket purchases.

Title: Mastering Unreal Engine 4 Real-Time Rendering

Location: Wednesday, April 26 - 9:30AM - Stage 7 / Workshop Room


In this three-hour masterclass, Epic’s Sjoerd De Jong (@Hourences) will dive into the depths of Unreal Engine 4 rendering. From the perspective of an artist Sjoerd will go through the entire real-time rendering process the engine runs through each frame, and what its practical implications are on art production. The masterclass will touch on everything from geometry rendering to materials, lighting, reflections, and post-processing in order to provide a better understanding of performance considerations, art pipeline, and rendering features of Unreal Engine 4. The class will be useful for not only game developers but also people from the film, architecture and visualization industries.


Title: AAA gone Indie with UE4: How inbetweengames bootstrapped All Walls Must Fall

Time/Location: TBD


This talk will take a dive into how the AAA-gone-indie team inbetweengames (ex-Yager) have built their first commercial title All Walls Must Fall from the ground up with next to no initial funding. Inbetweengames (@inbetweengames) will illustrate how working with partners like the Unreal Engine team, the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and Kickstarter made this possible from a technical, production and business perspective. Jan David Hassel (@JanDavidHassel) and Isaac Ashdown (@Eyesiah) will give an in-depth look behind the scenes of what have gone right and wrong so far, where they currently are and what's next ahead with the title.