Make a game, animate in Unreal Engine, and more with these new courses

The paths are plentiful this month!

AI animation, Control Rig 101, cinematic lighting—and that's just to start. Whether you are making games or real-time shorts, we've got something for you in this month’s course drop. More details below.

An In-depth Look at Using Python for Game Development

Want to automate a process? It’s easy with Python scripting. In this course, you’ll learn how to start building simple tools with Python to make the game development process run smoother.

Demonstrating Animation AI for Gameplay Designers

What better way to study animation AI than through enemy design? We’ll take you through assets, montages, Blueprints, and behavior trees until you feel like it’s second nature.

Creating and Modifying Control Rig

Maybe you saw our Animation Field Guide and got inspired! Maybe you’ve always wanted to animate in-engine. This course is your ticket in. Join us to learn about the entire Control Rig pipeline, from importation and rig creation, to character animation and mocap baking techniques.

Ray-Traced Cinematic Lighting for Exteriors

You could have the coolest looking environment, but if it’s lit wrong…lifeless. In this course, you’ll learn how to bring cinematic realism to your characters and environments, so your sequences always look right—day or night.

Let's Make a Game! - Brick Breakers

Explore the fundamentals of game development by creating a classic arcade-style game that was developed entirely in Blueprint. Need we say more?

Optimizing The Medieval Game Environment

You may remember Quixel’s playable demo, set in an eerily serene village. Besides being great to look at, it also showed what you can do with Quixel Megascans and Unreal Engine. In this course, we’ll cover how they optimized the project to make sure it stayed dynamic and clean.
That’s it for now. And as a reminder, we add new courses to the Epic Developer Community every month. All of them are free, and related to in-demand skills that can get you work or advance your career across a growing number of industries.

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