March 4, 2015

GDC 2015: Join Us For “The State Of Unreal” Live From The Show Floor 9:30AM PT

作成 Chance Ivey

Today, we share our vision for the future of Unreal Engine. Please join us at 9:30AM PT on as Epic Games' Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney reflects on the public launch of Unreal Engine 4 and breaks news on the evolution of game making technology. We’re excited to share groundbreaking news and demos around Open World, Virtual Reality, Unreal Tournament and other Unreal Engine 4 advances.

We’ll also be streaming from the show floor all day. Here’s the day’s breakdown:


Wednesday March 4




The State of Unreal Engine

Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO


Creating Open Worlds in Unreal Engine 4

Francois Antoine, Sr. VFX Artist and James Golding, Lead Programmer


Unreal Wherever You Go: Bringing UE4 to Phones, Tablets and the Web

Josh Adams, Platform Lead


Small Teams in the Trenches with Unreal Engine 4

Adam Orth, Pete Bottomley, Forrest Downling, Joe Brammer, and Chance Ivey


Technology-Infused Storytelling: VR Challenges That Lie Ahead

Alasdair Coull | Head of R&D | Weta Digital, Nick Donaldson | Lead Designer, Tim Elek | Senior Visual Effects Artist | Epic Games, Daniel Smith | Software Developer | Weta Digital


Game Developers Town Hall

Tim Sweeney, Mike Fricker, Ray Davis, Nick Penwarden, Alan Willard, Josh Adams, Chance Ivey