An Unreal Revolution in Storytelling

作成 Unreal Engine

All-female indie developers Giant Spacekat recently spoke with Epic Games about their upcoming iOS game, Revolution 60, and the decision to ship their debut product using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

Dreaming of creating an interactive storytelling experience now likened to “Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect,” the studio found Unreal Engine technology to be the obvious choice.

Head of development Brianna Wu tells Epic how the small team of four harnessed the power and proficiency of UDK, along with the robust Unreal Matinee and Unreal Kismet, which come included with the toolset, to create the heavily cinematic experience.

Read more about Revolution 60 and the Giant Spacekat team here.

For more information, follow Giant Spacekat on Twitter at @GiantSpacekat and Like Revolution 60 on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whatisrevolution60.

Revolution 60 is published by Gameblyr, a publishing partner dedicated to helping creators bring high quality mobile and cross-platform games to market.


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