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Designing a Tiny House in Twinmotion

Explore the nuances of architectural design by focusing on simplistic functionality of the Tiny House. What will you keep? What needs to be there? Make your choices in Twinmotion.


Embracing simplicity, freedom, and sustainability, the Tiny House Movement is about finding housing to fit your lifestyle. It’s not only about decluttering your home and space, but also decluttering your obligations, social life, and stress.

In this lesson, students will design a tiny house using a 3D CAD software of their  choice and Twinmotion. In the process, students will:
  • Learn about design sketching to develop original designs.
  • Incorporate 2D & 3D CAD modeling to formalize final designs.
  • Use Twinmotion to transform 3D CAD models into a walkthrough animation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of architectural design, drafting, and drawing principles.
  • Develop and test hypotheses while engaging in the iterative design process.

Students will be able to:

  • Identify and apply the steps in the design process.
  • Gather and apply information pertinent to design planning.
  • Plan and organize the project.
  • Create concept and scaled sketches of floor plan ideas.
  • Use appropriate design tools to create CAD drawings.
  • Produce an architectural walkthrough with Twinmotion.
  • Report and reflect on their experience with the design process using a suitable oral and/or written format.



Grade level

Grade 12 (Ages 13+)

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  • Longueur du cours :1 heure 15 minutes
  • Auteur :Mike Santolupo
  • Date de publication :05-2021