Three Twinmotion CG asset packs now available to Unreal Engine users

Architects often need a fast and easy way to visualize their designs. They don’t have time to spend ages learning complicated 3D software, which is why they use Twinmotion. Twinmotion enables anyone to start creating a 3D scene, regardless of previous CG experience.

Every aspect of it has been designed for ease of use—including its huge library of assets, which users can dive into to find everything from plants and furniture, to people and vehicles, before dragging and dropping what they need into their scene.

Now, we’re pleased to announce we’re making many of these assets available to the wider Epic creator community. We’ve released a number of Twinmotion assets packs on the Marketplace, available for free for Unreal Engine users.

These high-quality assets have been optimized for use in Unreal Engine, providing a quick and easy way to add life to projects. Let’s take a look!

Twinmotion Posed Humans 1

Need some CG people to populate your Unreal Engine scene? We’ve got you covered. Twinmotion’s Posed Human pack by AXYZ Design contains 142 photorealistic 3D-scanned characters. 

Covering a range of different themes including business, healthcare, casual kids, and more, these high-quality static-posed characters are perfect to add some personality to your project. 

Twinmotion Construction Vehicles 1

If you’re creating a 3D scene that includes a construction site, Twinmotion Construction Vehicles 1 is a collection of diggers, cranes, excavators, and other construction vehicles that can give your scene an authentic look and feel. Explore this pack of 32 vehicles.

Twinmotion Sport Equipment 1

Our most recently released pack of Twimmotion assets, now available for use in Unreal Engine, is Twinmotion Sport Equipment 1. This pack focuses on gym equipment, with weights benches, CrossFit machines, and locker room assets. 

High-quality asset packs for free

We’re planning to release many more of these Twinmotion assets in the future, so keep your eyes peeled. Coming up, you’ll have free access to packs themed around boats, buses, trains and tramways, sofas, healthcare, garden furniture—and much more.
These assets are free to use and available now. Get started today!

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