The Unreal Fellowship's new sizzle reel is here

Exploration, conflict, The Butterfly Effect. Every Unreal Fellowship class gets a different theme.

But every class does something extraordinary with it. 

When we were first creating the Unreal Fellowship, we aimed it straight at the go-getters. The ones that saw the potential of real-time production and wanted in. That’s worked out well, as the level of talent and dedication we are seeing is incredible.

For the uninitiated, Unreal Fellowship is a program designed to help film/TV artists and educators develop a strong command of virtual production. And while the set-up is always the same—each class gets 30-days of intensive training—everything else is always evolving, just like real-time production.

This time, we dug into Unreal Engine fundamentals, model ingestion, animation and mocap integration, lookdev, lighting setups, cinematic storytelling, and how to use MetaHumans.

We recently wrapped sessions number 5 and 6, which means 479 students from 21 countries have now gone through the program. And the amount of work they are producing is pretty wild. In just one year, they’ve created enough animated content to fill 10.5 feature films!

We wanted to debut some of that content today. Or, at the very least, give you a snapshot of what is wowing us internally. We’d say “hire them,” but most are already pretty deep in cool places.

If this looks compelling to you, remember that the program is not only ongoing, it’s evolving. We’ll be making announcements on that soon in our education newsletter. So if you haven’t signed up already—now’s the time.

And if you want to explore the student films in-depth, check out our Spring and Summer Vimeo pages. We have every film on-demand.

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