Real-time real estate on The Pulse

This month on The Pulse, we talk about the impact of real-time visualization on the way buildings are designed, built, and sold, now and in the future. 

If you missed the live broadcast of The Pulse, you can watch the replay below.

Real-Time Real Estate: Visualize, Connect, Build is hosted by James Scott, Director of the Real Estate Technology Initiative at MIT Center for Real Estate. He is joined by Edward Wagoner of JLL Technologies, Dorian Vee of IMERZA, and Sam Anderson of Epic Games.
On this episode of The Pulse, the panel discusses the digital transformation within real estate, from real estate tours conducted entirely online to virtual reality experiences of unbuilt offices and apartments.
Courtesy of Buildmedia
With this digital shift, traditional methods that involve in-person visits with printed materials—such as initial visits to multiple spaces, sheafs of paper in hand—can now be done online, and can even enhance the buyer experience with a much richer data set, all available on demand. Sales configurators give buyers a truer sense of what the space will look like with their chosen finishes, personalizing the experience in a way that a handful of color cards never will.
Courtesy of Buildmedia
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