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Site and Situation: Where Would You Settle?

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Have you ever thought about how the geography of where you settle could impact your life? In this activity, students will determine where to build a settlement by analyzing the pros and cons of each location.


This lesson is geared toward students studying the influence of physical geography on the interactions of humans. Students will explore how a site’s physical characteristics affect the decisions of those who settle there. 

Typically, decisions are based on the situation of the location. In geographical terms, situation means the types of soil, availability of freshwater, the ability to defend the site, and so on. In this case, students will be evaluating the site and situation of a particular island in order to understand why people decide to settle. 

The evaluation can lead to a more in-depth conversation as to why a consumer would choose the island to build on. This can easily lead to an economic lesson or conversation. 

Students will be able to:

  • Evaluate a location’s site and situation, and explain how it influences interactions with others.
  • Begin to understand why people decide to settle in locations that have specific resources. 
  • Begin to learn how a location’s situation affects the ability of that location to grow. 



Grade level

Ages 13+

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  • Autor:Katie Wright
  • Fecha de lanzamiento:06-2020