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Monday, October 10
Image courtesy of FOX Sports

How to make a virtual production studio that will last

Two years ago, lensing a live multicam show on an LED volume was impossible. Now, FOX Sports can do it anytime they want. Discover how the team built a groundbreaking virtual production studio for their NFL pregame show, FOX NFL Sunday

Tuesday, October 11
Image courtesy of Goldenvoice LLC, all rights reserved ©2022.

Coachella goes all in on live concert AR

Coachella has been making headlines for over 20 years. Find out how they might kickstart a new AR revolution with a single set, ushering in a new era where sometimes the best seat is at home.

The rise of the virtual singer

Think you’ve seen it all before? How about a singing competition with real-time virtual avatars? Learn how Lulu AR and Silver Spoon Animation brought something new to a classic format.
Image courtesy of FOX Entertainment. ALTER EGO™ & © 2021 by Fox Media LLC

Wednesday, October 12

Inside Bastille’s first virtual performance

How did Bastille follow up a chart-topping album? With an interactive VR performance that takes fans directly into Give Me The Future’s philosophical world. Find out how the WPP agency helped them build it with virtual production and Unreal Engine.
Image courtesy of EMI & WPP
Courtesy of Pixomondo, alter ego, William F. White Int’l, Virtual Production Academy, Caledon FC

LED volume meet soccer commercial

How do you produce a commercial with a stadium full of screaming soccer fans that doesn’t break the bank or require hours of rotoscoping? Find out how Pixomondo, alter ego, William F. White International (WFW), and Virtual Production Academy used LED stages and virtual production workflows to achieve just that. 

Make esports graphics fast

Fire up the Hype Chamber, our new real-time UE sample for esports productions, and see how to design, develop, and play out live animation in-engine. It’s already been road-tested on the Rocket League Championship Series broadcasts, so imagine what it can do for you.
Image courtesy of Capacity Studios

Thursday, October 13

Meet JUMP: the world’s first hyperreal wingsuit simulator

Wingsuit BASE jumping is a dangerous sport. But what if you could turn it into a safe, live entertainment experience? Find out how one company did just that, creating the first immersive wingsuit simulator with RealityCapture and Unreal Engine 5. 
Image courtesy of Limitless Flight

Friday, October 14

Specialized support for your projects

Let’s say you wanted to create real-time AR/XR, but didn’t have the immediate expertise or bandwidth to do it in-house. Check out some of our Authorized Service Partners. They can help you get there.
Image courtesy of Girraphic
Images courtesy of Capacity Studios, and Moment Factory

Free Unreal Engine resources for Broadcast & Live Events

We’ve assembled our top real-time Broadcast & Live Events resources for anyone looking to break in or build out eye-catching work. Have a look. 

Back from IBC

XR was the talk of the show, and for good reason. More fidelity, better reflections, and an easy way for talent to track how they’re interacting with a 3D environment are all things broadcasters want. We were pleased to see Unreal Engine applications—a key driver for this trend—in nearly 20 booths and surprise people with a sneak peek of Project Avalanche (which remains our secret…for now).

We’re also getting a lot of questions about how to find the right vendors/Unreal Engine specialists as real-time shows and events start to ramp up. Some good news there—we’ll be launching a Partner Portal soon, which will make it easier to find both.

Thank you to our partners!

Now that Broadcast & Live Events Week has wrapped, something needs to be said. We couldn’t have done it without all the studios, artists, and technology partners who showed up, weighed in, and helped make this week special for anyone who’s interested in real-time graphics. Thank you so much for lending your time and expertise. It was fun to work with you on this!