31 de enero de 2018

Bringing the Automotive Industry Together at Build: Munich 2017

Por Keef Sloan

Collaboration between all of the key automotive manufacturers and their agencies is rare, but Build: Munich ‘17 was a unique opportunity for everyone to unwind and engage in a relaxed, neutral atmosphere while talking shop about the real-time technologies that are changing the shape of their industry.

With some of the world's largest OEMs using Unreal Engine, representatives connected over how the game engine tech can help overcome barriers and push past the limits of what can be done in this burgeoning design space.

It’s a transformative time for the industry and every major automotive manufacturing OEM was in attendance - including BMW, McLaren, VW, Audi, Porsche, Tesla, Ferrari, Skoda, MINI, Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and GM.  

The Mill, McLaren Automotive and BMW gave captivating presentations that punctuated the event’s hands-on demos and discussions on the future technology roadmap for automotive design, and AImotive demonstrated just how important Unreal Engine is to ensuring that autonomous vehicles acquire the data necessary (over hundreds of thousands of in-engine virtual miles) in order to ensure that they are safe and ready for the market. 

Check out the video recap of Build: Munich above and learn more about Unreal Engine for automotive and other enterprise sectors.