19 de marzo de 2014

Unreal Engine 4 for schools, faculty and students

Por Tim Sweeney

We want to make it very simple for schools, students, and faculty to easily access the complete Unreal Engine 4 for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android -- as well as complete C++ source code to its world-class, multimillion-line codebase which can be studied, extended, and shared on the GitHub community.

There are two ways to get UE4 into student’s hands:

  • Any student can personally subscribe for $19/mo, install the software on all of the student’s own computers, and use it for any combination of educational purposes (for free) and for selling commercial products (paying Epic 5% of gross product revenue).
  • Any academic institution can obtain one $19/mo subscription and install the software for unlimited use by anyone on all computers owned by the institution, such as university computer labs.  Anyone who develops a product in this environment can later decide to sell it commercially by obtaining a personal subscription.

Educational Benefits

The Unreal Engine is the industry’s leading engine technology, powering leading-edge video games as well as real-time 3D films, training and military simulations, and more. Over the past 15 years, thousands of students and student teams have built careers and companies around the skills they developed using the engine.  Now, the availability of complete C++ code brings the student learning experience to the next level!

Educational Resources

Our learning resources include Unreal Engine official documentation, the Unreal Engine wiki, the Unreal Engine Q&A hub and the Unreal Engine forums. We have also released many tutorials on YouTube.com/UnrealEngine, and more are on the way. In addition, we host livestreams on our Twitch.tv/UnrealEngine channel.  In the longer-term, we’ll be working with partners to develop academic curricula.

More questions?

Come on into our forums and join the discussion. We want you to be a part of this!