Image by David Baylis. Special thanks to Audi Business Innovation and Audi AG for providing the e-tron GT model.

Start your engines—our automotive content has been updated for UE5!

Want to test drive Unreal Engine 5’s new features on your automotive projects? We’ve optimized a swathe of automotive content for use with features such as Lumen, Nanite, and the Path Tracer. Take a look at what’s new in the Automotive Materials Pack, Car Configurator sample, and automotive environments!

Automotive Materials pack

The Automotive Materials pack is a collection of 168 high-quality automotive-themed materials and textures that have been set up for use in Unreal Engine 4.24 - 4.27 and Unreal Engine 5.

The materials have been optimized to provide the best results for use with ray tracing. Dive in and explore materials for both interiors and exteriors, including car paint, metals, lights, reflectors, leather, textiles, wood, carbon fiber, and more.
With everything now updated for Unreal Engine 5, there’s support for Nanite and path tracing. Ray tracing optimizations are also possible for specific materials.

Car Configurator sample project

When the first mass-produced vehicles rolled off the assembly line back in 1908, customers could infamously have any color they wanted—as long as it was black.

Fast-forward to over one hundred years later, and the options for configuring a car are almost limitless. Everything from the paint color and trim levels to interior finishes and wheel options can be customized according to the customer’s preference.

The Car Configurator is a sample project that is available to download for free from the Unreal Engine Marketplace. It provides a template for building an immersive, real-time configurator that enables the user to select options in a stunningly realistic environment.
A5 Cabriolet model courtesy of Audi Business Innovation
The project now supports the Unreal Engine 5’s latest features such as Lumen, a powerful new dynamic Global Illumination and reflections system, alongside tools like the Path Tracer, Control Rig, Blueprint visual scripting, Movie Render Queue, and Sequencer.

By exploring under the hood of this sample project, you’ll learn how to create not just a car configurator, but an experience to enjoy and share.

Automotive environments

Want to showcase your exquisitely modeled vehicle in an environment that truly does its curves justice? Three of our most popular automotive scenes have been updated for compatibility with UE5.

The Automotive Beach Scene includes detailed asphalt, plants, and rocks meticulously set-dressed to provide that extra bit of realism, while the afternoon sun gives the perfect golden light. The scene is designed for cinematic camera moves and a photographic look. Enabling ray tracing features will add another level of realistic lighting.
Salt flats have long brought automotive engineers, designers, photographers, and drivers flocking. Inspired by these magical locations, the Automotive Salt Flats scene contains a vast salt flats area in addition to customizable mountain ranges, hero salt polygons, and special atmospherics. All these elements work together to bring this complete 3D environment to life.
The Automotive Bridge Scene is easily customizable, with straight and curved sections that can be configured to create a custom shape. Add your own HDRI backdrop to change the location and time of day or season.

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