Oodle now free to use in Unreal Engine via GitHub

We were recently thrilled to share that RAD Game Tools has joined the Epic Games family. We’ve been integrating the team’s industry-leading compression technology into Unreal Engine, and today we’re releasing our latest work for Oodle through Epic’s internal development branch on GitHub. Binary support for Oodle will become available in Unreal Engine 4.27 and Unreal Engine 5.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Oodle is a suite of cross-platform data compression solutions with incredible performance that makes games smaller to download, makes levels load faster, and compresses network packets for improved player experience. Oodle saves money on bandwidth and slashes the time from download to playing your game.

Here’s the TLDR on the Oodle family of tools:
  • Oodle Data Compression provides the fastest and highest ratio compressors for game data. There's a perfect Oodle compressor for every need.
  • Oodle Texture dramatically reduces the size of block-compressed BC1-BC7 textures for GPUs. Oodle Texture RDO can reduce texture file sizes by up to 50%!
  • Oodle Network Compression can compress UDP or TCP packets like nothing else, saving bandwidth for players and servers.
  • Oodle Lossless Image Compression is an algorithm that achieves very high compression ratios with incredibly fast decompression, much smaller and faster to load than PNG.
Today we’re releasing an early integration for Oodle Data, Network, and Texture Compression with additional Oodle solutions coming soon to Unreal Engine.

If you’re an existing Oodle licensee, your workflow and support will remain the same. If you’re a new user who would like to try Oodle in your Unreal Engine project right away, you can turn it on by updating to 4.27 via Unreal Engine GitHub.

Have questions or feedback? We invite you to join the conversation in the forums.

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